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May 26, 2011

Cellphone Rudeness: What to do?

Annoying_cellphone_user Traveling comes with its own set of annoyances such as long lines, delayed flights, security, lost luggage, traffic jams and less that comfortable travel conditions. Travel does not need the added annoyance of loud cellphone users.

We've all met them. We may have even been them. Cellphone loud talkers can make flights, restaurants, lines, waiting areas and other public places miserable. In the past, a screaming child could ruin a any public situation, but many can forgive a frazzled mother. Now, that mother is shouting above the child's screaming into her cellphone, and we, the public, are not so willing to let it slide. What would you do?

Does Cellphone Rudeness get to you? Read RTM's Cellphone Rules.

May 25, 2011

Fuel Saving Vacations for Long Summer Weekends

Fuel_saving_vacationsLooking to escape for a long summer weekend, but worried about fuel prices depleting your pocketbook or the hassle of air travel?  These fuel saving vacation ideas will help you getaway without braking the bank.

Get Away without Leaving Home:
Try visiting local attractions such as the local zoo, parks, museums, traveling carnival, or amusement parks. Splurge on a big meal out at that restaurant you've always wanted to try and take in a play or musical at a local theater. Many people live within a short driving distance of some great attractions, restaurants and entertainment. Contact the tourism office in your area and ask about great attractions you may not know about. Check out RTM's World Travel Directory and Destination Reviews for possible information about your area.

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April 12, 2011

7 Tips for a Safe Trip to Mexico

While the hot sun, blue waves and white sand make Mexico a tropical paradise, many Americans are scratching any plans for a south of the border getaway because of rising concerns over safety.  However, there are still safe ways to visit Mexico for a carefree vacation.

“You certainly shouldn’t throw caution to the wind, but Manzanillo and many other tourist destinations are still safe places to travel,” says Howard Alper, a property owner in Manzanillo, Mexico.  “The majority of violent crimes are isolated to a few border towns, a thousand miles away.  If the crime rate increased in Los Angeles, would you avoid visiting Chicago?”

To travel wisely, make sure to pack your common sense with the bathing suit and sunscreen and follow these tips for a safe yet relaxing vacation. [7 Tips Here]

April 05, 2011

Top 10 Spring Weekend Getaways

The snow has melted and there's a hint of warmth and the scent of blooming buds in the air.  For a quick weekend jaunt to get a head start on spring, editors have compiled its annual Top 10 Quick Spring Break Getaways - from the Caribbean to California.  This year's picks are a just a quick flight from many U.S. cities.

Antigua and Barbuda
Constant trade-winds and idyllic harbors make these island coasts a perfect boating destination and attract a mélange of sailors, yachters, and admirers. However, on-land pursuits are just as appealing with 365 sugar-white-sand beaches and historical attractions on Antigua, and fabulous resorts, pink-and-white shell beaches, and untouched Caribbean life found on Barbuda. 

Asheville, North Carolina
This emerging destination has it all for both nature-lovers and those seeking arts and culture.  Asheville offers a thriving downtown arts scene complete with lively cultural offerings and delightful Art Deco-influenced buildings - all surrounded by the majestic Smoky Mountains bursting with spring's lively palette of wildflowers. Plus, beautiful Myrtle Beach is just an hour away. [For All 10 - Click here]