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May 02, 2011

Traveling with a Shoe Fetish...What's a girl to do?

Shoes_for_travel_5 Any women who loves her shoes hates to leave them behind when traveling. What if you need your rain boots? What about those sexy stilettos? Everyone needs those. And you can't be expected to leave behind your lucky green suede shoes. You never know if you're going to need those.

Most suitcases do not have room for your shoe wardrobe so traveling means that you must pack well-planned shoes for those well-planned outfits. Outfits, I can handle. Shoes are a whole different animal.

Most of the suitcases I packed have exactly the number of outfits I need plus a few extra, emergency pieces. However, I always have more shoes than there are days in the trip. A week-long trip to New York City required 11 pairs of shoes. A weekend getaway in Indiana prompted the use of five different pairs. Because of suitcase restraints, a three-week excursion to Italy only allowed for four pairs of shoes. I nearly died.

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