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September 26, 2011

Take Time for Yourself with a Dude - At a Dude Ranch

Best Guest Ranch Vacations for Women

A Directory to the Finest Dude Ranches for Women by Patti Schmidt

The Homestead Ranch
Matfield Green, Kansas
Prairie Women Adventures and Retreat
[read our story about The Homestead Ranch]

The Homestead Ranch is a 4,000-acre working cattle ranch in the Kansas Flint Hills. Wildlife is abundant and Native American arrowheads and tools still crop up in pastures and creekbeds after spring rains. Owner Jane Koger, a fourth-generation rancher, and her mostly women ranch crews have been handling things for 20 years. William Least Heat Moon wrote about Jane and the others in Chase County in his book PrairyErth, the American Library Association's Best Work of Nonfiction for 1991. The county is the geographical center of the U.S.

Programs: Prairie Women Adventures and Retreat offers several programs: two three-day Prairie Ecology programs, which focus on the ecology and use of native prairie plants and four horseback riding programs, for those who want "just a little more time with the horses"; one branding vacation, where guests will help inoculate, brand, and band (turn bull calves into steers) them; and one pasture-burning program each spring. Program manager Ginifer Maceau stressed that this ranch does things "the preferred Humane Society way; for example, we freeze brand rather than hot-iron brand." She believes women are a lot more comfortable with that.

Amenities: Guests reside in a modern bunkhouse: up to two in the one private bedroom; the other 10 guests sleep dormitory style in the bunkhouse, which is heated, air-conditioned, and includes a hot tub on the deck. All meals are provided; the afternoon I spoke with Maceau, they were having teriyaki beef kabobs, rice pilaf, salad, fresh bread and lemonade pie with strawberries.

For more information: contact Prairie Women Adventures and Retreat / The Homestead Ranch Guest Programs at (620) 753-3416.
Email: [email protected]

Wilderness Trails Dude Ranch
Durango, Colo.
Women's Week

The San Juan Mountains and the Los Pinos Valley lend this 160-acre ranch beauty; it also shares a fence line with the Piedra Wilderness Study Area. The Roberts family-Gene, Jan, Randy, Lance, and Erika, who have owned it since 1970- are responsible for its designation in Gene Kilgore 's Ranch Vacations as "one of the finest ranch vacation experiences in the country." At times of the year other than Women's Week, especially in summer, families provide this ranch about 95 percent of its often repeat customers.


June 02, 2011

10 Tips to Planning an Active Vacation


It is summer vacation planning time again and knowing how to find and vet the best options is an important step. Following are Ten Tips from a “world’s best” tour operator to take you from research to R&R as you strategize when and where to spend precious vacation time and dollars.

The first bit of advice in choosing the right tour operator is to get everyone involved and as Austin points out, “remember it’s the journey, not the destination that counts.” To help guide the consumer through the maze of vacation options, the tour experts at Austin-Lehman Adventures offer these useful tips ( when starting the trip planning process... [Full Story]

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April 04, 2011

What Not to Wear to Your Dude Ranch Vacation

You’re looking forward to a week of riding in the wide open spaces, the feeling of freedom, fresh air on your face and the sounds of wildlife all around you. Instead you find yourself extremely uncomfortable and unable to truly embrace all that’s around you. And, it’s all because of the clothing you’ve packed! Yes, you do look spectacular; however, your comfort is majorly suffering!

Over the years everyone has told you what TO wear on your dude ranch vacation, but has anyone ever told you what NOT to wear? With first-hand experience, Top50 Ranches is here to alert you of What NOT to Wear on your dude ranch vacation - for your safety AND your comfort. We hope to amuse you and enlighten you! [Read Tips]