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August 12, 2013

Four of the Most Extreme Celebrity Car Collections

Celebrity Car Collections
Four of the Most Extreme Celebrity Car Collections

Few subjects attract the general public’s interest quite like famous people and their fabulous car collections. Luxury homes and exotic travel serve as visible baubles of wealth and success, but for many celebrities, nothing says “I’ve made it big” quite like owning a fleet of high-end performance cars. 
Car brands and models speak to the celebrities’ style and tastes, but sometimes the sheer number of cars a person owns says even more about them. Celebrity cars often tell a visual tale of a lifelong obsession. Here are a few of the most interesting stories of celebrity car collections.

  • Jerry SeinfeldThe comedian has had a thing for German-made cars since he was a kid growing up on Long Island. From his first car, a 1977 Volkswagen Beetle, to his current collection of nearly 50 Porches, look no further than Seinfeld’s garage to capture the essence of his success. Speaking of his garage, for years Seinfeld rented an airport hangar in California to shelter his car collection. Now that he’s married and living back in New York, most of his collection is housed in his 20-car garage in Manhattan.

  • Kobe Bryant – As the NBA’s highest-paid player (and third-highest in its history), the Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard has some nice wheels to go along with his five championship rings. He owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce Bentley and a Range Rover. [Full story]