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July 06, 2011

Tips on How to Buy a Used Hybrid Car

Buying a Used Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles have been on the market since model year 2000, making the option of buying a used one a viable alternative for those who want to go "green" but cannot or are unwilling to make the investment in a new one.

Here, auto expert Lauren Fix seeks to answer questions about buying used by offering consumers tips on "technical service bulletins", ways to get the most for your money and, of course, saving cash at the pump.

As the first generation of hybrid vehicles has made its rounds, many questions arise pertaining to buying a used one (yes, you can buy used!). Most people can only name two or three hybrids on the market, but there are actually 14 new makes and models.

"There is not much more of a risk in buying a used hybrid compared to any other used car, as long as you do your homework," says Fix. "If you are comfortable with purchasing a non-hybrid car used, then you should feel comfortable buying a hybrid car used."

Below, find key facts about hybrid vehicles that potential buyers should consider prior to purchase... [read full article]

June 10, 2010

Top 5 Car Leasing Apps for Mobile Phone

Confused buyer The number of smart phone applications on the market is an incomprehensible number to download and see which ones work best for car leasing.

The experts at, the company that helps people trade their car lease to someone else when they want out of the contract, spent several months testing various apps on each platform to see which ones make’s top five car leasing apps. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone, here’s a quick rundown of the best 5 car-leasing apps:
PocketWear - PocketWear car lease kit is a comprehensive collection of essential tools for car leasing consumers who want to be in full control of their lease deals. With the smart phone application you’ll be able to understand leasing concepts, spot dealer abuses, save money, and avoid costly mistakes.
Lease Meter - Lease Meter allows you to track your lease miles and end-of-lease possible penalty costs. The application adjusts to your driving habits and calculates the average miles you should drive (daily or monthly) to avoid excess miles at the end of your lease.
Carticipate – Trying to cut down on your lease miles, Carticipate helps you find other’s in the area (who are Carticipate users) so you can find a buddy to carpool with. Simply drop in where you are going and when you want to go and you will find others in your area that are on that same route so you can work out some traveling options.
Viper SmartStart – Have you ever wanted to warm up or cool down your car before getting in? Now you can remote start or lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your mobile phone. The company points out that, as the app runs over the internet rather than traditional key-less entry signals, it has a virtually unlimited range.
VehiCal – VehiCal makes it easy to record and manage vehicle mileage and expenses for personal and business use. You can keep tabs on fuel efficiency, maximize potential tax reductions by keeping convenient records of business and personal trip miles, and allows you to email yourself or your accountant, selected entries by specific dates and categories.