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April 2014

April 16, 2014

Best Car Commercials - They Make Us Feel!

Have you noticed how car commercials have become more like mini-movies? And, how in recent years they've really tapped into the emotional connection we all have with our cars?

Since 1996, the International Car of the Year Awards, produced by Road & Travel Magazine, has shed light on the 'emotional connection' between car and consumer during its annual award's show. Our mission was to demonstrate that cars spark feelings and emotions, whether it's during the purchase process or ownership experience, or both.

Back then, most automakers were scratching their head asking, 'what emotional connection?' Some even laughed at the notion. But the fact is that we all have some sort of connection with our cars whether it be a status symbol, sex appeal, rough and tumble, an attitude of gratitude, or even just point a to point b. Our cars not only serve our need for transportation they are also an extension of our personality, who we are, and how we want to be seen. Or not! Can you say minivan?

That said, check out some of our favorite commercials over the years. It's pretty clear that automakers have caught up to our hearts and minds, and now get it, and clearly, get you, the consumer. [Click here for car commercial winners]




April 11, 2014

2014 Luxe & Large SUV Buyer's Guide

2014 Luxe & Large SUV Buyer's Guide by Bob Plunkett and Martha Hindes                                        

 by Bob Plunkett & Martha Hindes

Road & Travel Magazine's Top  Picks

Dodge Durango

Range Rover Sport

Ford Expedition

Toyota 4-Runner

SUVs have been a life saver for people who are active and haul lots and lots of stuff around. They've also been a blessing for families, especially women, who do not want to be seen in a minivan, deemed and doomed the mom-mobile. But even more so, SUVs have evolved into a status symbol of success for those who wish to be seen as purposeful, powerful and plentiful. SUVs serve our need for utility but they also serve our demand for individualism and identity.

Check out Road & Travel Magazine's top eight picks in its 2014 Luxe and Large SUV Buyer's Guide. Chock full of new amenities for cabin comfort and convenience. These go anywhere, do anything vehicles are not just for off-roaders anymore. They're built with cush for the tush in mind as well as all the interior bells and whistles that  make a vehicle glide in a ride on the inside.

From the outside looking in, they present a rock-star glow for whoever sits behind the wheel. Sitting above the rest, these luxe and large SUVs for 2014 offer a birds eye view for things to come, and go! [Full story]

April 07, 2014

Years of Living Dangerously by James Cameron - A Must See

What have we done? More than half of U.S. citizens are convinced that climate change is now ravishing the planet as demonstrated by the wicked weather patterns and flooding worldwide. What will it take to convince the non-believers? Some will argue that these cycles have happened many times throughout the eons and they would be right. However, never during the history of mankind has there ever been such a significant increase in such a short time of a warming of our planet, much of which is due to the human species pumping carbon dioxide (CO2) into our atmosphere, otherwise known as greenhouse gasses. 

Imagine if you will yourself inside a greenhouse where one grows healthy, lovely plants and vegetables. There are windows that let the sunlight in for growth but these windows do not open. Now imagine someone slowly pumping that greenhouse full of poisonous gas with nowhere for it to exhaust. What would happen to you and the plants? Eventually, you would both wither and die from the consumption of the poisonous gas. 

Ask yourself, why do cars have exhaust pipes? To let out the carbon emissions from the engine (which is pumped into the air instead). Without those exhaust pipes, we could die from carbon monoxide poisoning. The planet is no different. The bottom line is that we've put too much CO2 into our planet's atmosphere from thousands of blamable sources and now it is choking to death. 

The one degree increase in global temperature is giving Earth a fever, just like it would in humans. The planet fights that fever with turbulent weather, its elixir to clean out the virus making it too hot in the first place. Human contribution of poisonous gasses, for which we are all responsible, is that virus. And the Earth always wins.  

We are now in the future, the future that climatologists and planetary scientists warned us about 30 years ago, then 20, then 10... no one would listen. Most wouldn't believe it. Many still refuse to believe it until it's their home, their neighborhood, their city, their family wiped out by a super cell. It's not only getting worse but is now on a path to extremes, in severity, frequency, intensity and mass loss of life. Seas are rising, flooding is rampant, super storms are the new normal. The tipping point is upon us.  

Please watch and listen (and include your children) to this new 'very important' documentary series about climate change, a call to arms if you will, Years of Living Dangerously by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

It will change your outlook.

A free '1st episode' showing starts today. T'was not yours alone, pass it on!