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June 03, 2013

RTM's 2013 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide

Road & Travel Magazine's
2013 Sexy Car Buyer's Guide :
Top 10 With Most Sex Appeal

by Martha Hindes
with contributions by Bob Plunkett & Tim Healey

In a world of rough and tumble expletives, "sexy" definitely is a four letter word. But unlike its coarser counterparts, it stands above the crowd. Where some can sully, it shines. Where others can slip into predictable, it's deliciously new. A balance of wildness with a softer edge. When applied to an auto, it can transform a melding of steel, leather, chrome and gasoline into the lustiest dream, enough to make a grown autophile weak with appreciation.

That's where Road & Travel enters the picture for 2013. Our years of testing, appreciating, pushing the limits and inhaling a tantalizing potpourri of desire and yearning have accumulated into an instinctive sense of what makes a truly sexy automobile -- and why. While some qualities soar more than others, they all have the intangible elements of "gotcha" that just won't let go. Discover the Top 10!




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