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January 27, 2013

Ford C-MAX Hybrid Wins 2013 International Truck of the Year

2013 Ford C-MAX Named International Truck of the Year by Road & Travel Magazine

Range Rover Evoque Named 2012 International Truck of the Year - Road & Travel Magazine

Ford C-MAX Hybrid
Road Test Review by Martha Hindes

“Delightfully practical.” That was the initial reaction from a casual car browser at a Midwestern Ford dealership after getting up close and personal with Ford's new 2013 C-MAX hybrid-only, multi-utility vehicle. “I loved all the technology,” was the quick follow-up. It was a potential shopping trip on a whim after being inundated with glowing reports of the advantages of owning a hybrid vehicle from a foreign automaker that had been getting lots of attention. The browser, instead, was looking for something American, something to get excited about, something to spur the interest. He got it.

If two words can sum up a reaction to a new kid on the block with a unique perspective, we think “delightfully practical” nailed it. After all, creating something that can be all things for all people usually can seem like an exercise in frustration at best. When the idea is applied to a vehicle, it's even more demanding, since underneath the eye candy appeal outside and pampering comfort inside is the necessity that it will do the duty of a vehicle – transporting its precious cargo with enthusiasm, purpose, practicality, safety and fun without sullying its surroundings. And the front-drive C-MAX, despite its more diminutive scale than the standard sport utility or crossover utility vehicles that are predominant now on American roadways, is judged as a truck. You just don't realize all its talents at first test.

But peel back the layers, like you would an onion skin, and there's surprise after delightful surprise waiting for those who check it out– from its fuel-stingy hybrid underpinnings that can let it get an astounding 47 miles to a gallon of gas to its available high tech gadgets including the ability to park itself or pop open the trunk gate with the wave of a foot. That's before even considering the lush
sound capabilities from just about any favorite device one brings that can mate with the C-MAX for concert venue excitement. Those are among reasons the C-MAX dominated voting in the 2013 International Truck of the Year competition, and won the whole enchilada in the process. And which we, at Road & Travel Magazine, announce with unabridged pleasure. After all, we consider this truly a multi-activity vehicle or MAV (Ford's term). Maybe Maximum Utility Vehicle or MUV would work in acronym land as well. After all, Ford alluded to that in naming it C-MAX. Read full review...


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