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August 30, 2012

2012 Ford Mustang BOSS Road Test Review

by Martha Hindes

Remember an old TV sit-com called “Who's the Boss?" It sported a nubile Alyssa Milano, a still gorgeous Tony Danza, and enough quirky situations to make one realize life doesn't always function according to the norm. Neither do cars, when you think about it. Because no matter how many Ford Mustang clubs are out there, or how many V-6 versions are parked in suburban driveways as eye candy status appeal for the neighborhood, Ford did one better for the true gearhead woman or man when coming up with the rear-drive 2012 Ford Mustang muscle car. It added in some truly awesome muscle in a revival of the legendary Boss version. After all, if you're going to snarl, you want to make sure you show some teeth.

A little history could be helpful here. By 2012, not only had Milano grown from “sexy tomboy” status to womanhood long ago, with some forgettable acting credits behind her, but the Ford Mustang has grown in desirability without losing an ounce of the four-plus decades of driving notoriety that keeps it one of the true classics on the road. And Mustang Boss tops a list of teaser talents with enough gut-crunching lunge to get the attention of the staunchest Mustang purist out there. For full review, click here.


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