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August 08, 2011

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips: Stay Safe on te Road & Save with Car Insurance Discounts

It’s easy to jump in the car and hit the road without thinking too much about it, but driving is a big responsibility and a lack of attention can get you into trouble. You should always practice defensive driving when you’re on the road. To drive defensively, you should anticipate the behavior of other drivers and pedestrians around you. In other words, you should always think two steps ahead. Because defensive driving is the key to avoiding accidents.

Here are some fundamental defensive driving techniques.

1. Check your ego at the door.
One of the biggest barriers to defensive driving is that many, if not most, drivers think they are good drivers and everyone else makes mistakes. No one is invincible, so drive with caution.

2. Continually scan the road.
Rather than just looking straight ahead, scan the sides of the road too. If you’re driving on city streets, take notice of parked cars and pedestrians. If you’re traveling on rural roads, watch for animals that may dart in front of you.

3. Leave a two-second gap.
Tailgating may be the easiest way to have an accident. To make sure you have enough room to safely stop, pick a landmark on the side of the road and adjust your speed to arrive at that landmark two seconds after the car ahead of you passes it. [Read Full Article]


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