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August 17, 2011

Airline Passenger Rights Take Flight

Airline Passenger Rights go into Effect August 2011

Airline passengers need to understand the fine print

Will the Department of Transportation’s move to impose new airline passenger protection rules really make traveling easier? Ian Ford, a travel expert and business owner with more than 15 years in the industry, believes the four major components to the rules are a step forward. But, he also sees the “fine print”.

Ford points out:

1.  That airlines that lose a passenger’s luggage will now be required to reimburse the passenger for baggage fees and actual luggage cost.

2.  There will be an additional charge for unreasonable delays in getting passengers their bags, though ‘unreasonable’ and when a bag is considered lost isn’t clearly defined. Airlines may still delay weeks in getting a person their bags or money with the new rules.

3. Passengers bumped from a flight will be eligible to receive double the amount of the ticket they paid for -- up to $650 for short delays.

4. Those passengers subject to longer delays would be eligible for payment up to four times the price of their ticket, up to $1,300. Read story


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