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June 15, 2011

Teen Driver Safety Tips

Teen Driving Safety Tips

Driving Safety Tips: Teach Your Teen to be a Safe Driver

Teaching your teen to drive is a big responsibility. These driving safety tips will help you help your teen to be a smart and safe driver.  

Tip 1. Teen driving safety tip - Eliminate distractions.

Staying focused while driving can reduce the risk of an accident. Have a discussion with your child about common driving distractions such as cell phones, the radio and passengers. Set rules together about the use of electronics and the number of passengers permitted in the car when he or she is driving.

Tip 2. Teen driving safety - Wear a seat belt.

Seat belt use is lower among teenage drivers than any other age group. Make sure your child understands that wearing a seat belt is the best way to be protected in case of an accident. Your teen and any passengers riding in the car must wear a seat belt at all times as required by state teenage driving laws.

Tip 3. Teen driving safety - Know your state’s teenage driving laws.

Driving laws differ from state to state. In addition to seat belt laws, they may include a curfew for teens under the age of 18 or a passenger limit.  Check with your local DMV for specific teenage driving laws, and make sure your teen understands the laws and the consequences for breaking them.  [Find More Tips Here]


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