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May 25, 2011

Fuel Saving Vacations for Long Summer Weekends

Fuel_saving_vacationsLooking to escape for a long summer weekend, but worried about fuel prices depleting your pocketbook or the hassle of air travel?  These fuel saving vacation ideas will help you getaway without braking the bank.

Get Away without Leaving Home:
Try visiting local attractions such as the local zoo, parks, museums, traveling carnival, or amusement parks. Splurge on a big meal out at that restaurant you've always wanted to try and take in a play or musical at a local theater. Many people live within a short driving distance of some great attractions, restaurants and entertainment. Contact the tourism office in your area and ask about great attractions you may not know about. Check out RTM's World Travel Directory and Destination Reviews for possible information about your area.

Park the Car at an All-Inclusive Resort:
Look for resorts within a short driving distance, park your car and enjoy a weekend of pampering and fun. Again, contact your state and area Convention Visitors Bureaus for information on resorts near you. Many resorts offer a lot of activities for families, but be sure to check for indoor and outdoor activities to make sure bad weather won't put a damper on your trip. Visit RTM's Hotel & Resort Reviews to find a resort near you.

Take the Train or Bus to a Walkable City or Resort:
Train and bus travel are a great alternative to driving or flying. You'll save on fuel, avoid putting miles on your vehicle and save time  by skipping airport security, delays and cancellations. You'll also get to sit back and look at the scenery or spend quality family time together without worrying about tired drivers or cramped automobiles. Check major travel couriers like Amtrak and Greyhound for booking information. Stop by RTM's Train Vacations section for ideas. And check out RTM's list of Best Walking Cities for destination ideas.

Take a Weekend Cruise:
If you live near a cruise port see if you can cruise away for a quick vacation. These cruise vacations aren't limited to those who live near the coast. There are cruises along inland rivers such as the Mississippi and Northwester Rivers. Read RTM's Weekend Cruises guide for more information.

Dude Ranch Weekend:
Corral the kids on a dude ranch for a weekend full of good, old fashioned, cowgirl and cowboy living. Many the these ranches offer nicer amenities than you would have found in the Wild West. And the vacation activities will all take place on the ranch where you can get around on a horse instead of in  your car. RTM offers more information on the Dude Ranches of the Wild West.

Go Camping:
Campgrounds are a great place to park the car, set up the tent and relax with the family. It's an inexpensive vacation, and most of the food can be cooked over the fire. Make sure to plan plenty of activities for the family so no one gets bored. Read RTM's Guide to Making Camping Cool for Kids for great ideas for this affordable getaway.

For even more fuel saving vacation ideas check out RTM's Guide to Fuel Free Vacations.


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