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July 06, 2010

Summer Vacations for the Kids

Family_summer_tripsThe school year is over so this time of year always brings up the question of what do to with the kids over the summer.

Family vacations are always a great option. The beauty of family vacations is that the purpose is bonding with your family; the destination isn't really as important as the feeling you get from it. This allows for a variety of options when choosing somewhere to go. The classic family getaway is a trip to one of the Disney resorts, but your family vacation could be as simple as taking a road trip to an unexplored region in your own state. To check out more information on family road trips, visit RTM's Budget Family Road Trip article. For more information on a Disney family vacation, check out RTM's Affordable Walt Disney World Vacation Guide.

If you don't have the days to take off work to go on a vacation, summer camps are another excellent idea for your child's entertainment over the summer. Summer camps are varied by location and interest, so finding a camp to fit your child's personality should be a cinch. Camps allow your child to experience a new location, and do some traveling on their own (perhaps for the first time). For more information on how to choose the perfect summer camp for your child, check out RTM's article on How to Choose Kids Summer Camps.

Camps are also cracking down on the health needs of children, as many camps today are watching out for obesity and illness by providing healthy and allergen-free meals. To learn more on summer camps and health policies, check out RTM's Healthy Camps for Kids article.

You can also combine these two options and go camping with your kids. All 50 U.S. states have lovely backdrops to camp in, camping can be done over the weekend, and your child has a stimulating experience that he or she can take in and share with their friends. Interested in planning on a family camping trip? Check out RTM's article about Taking Your Family to Camp.


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