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June 24, 2010

Stress Stripping Your Soul? Get Spa'd!

Floweringalmondpic3_3 Stress. Who doesn't have it? In fact, who doesn't have a lot of it in today's insanely hectic world of traffic jams, long lines and juggling family and work schedules?

There seems to be little to no escape starting from the minute we get up with the mad dash of getting the kids off to school and yourself ready for work. After battling rush hour traffic we then spend the better part of our day dealing with our job, our boss, our staff and co-workers. It's enough to drive us into the loony bin. Who says we want it all?

That no sooner ends then it's back into more rush hour traffic, ending up where we started… at home, preparing dinner, dealing with family issues and chores. It never ends, does it? Bedtime becomes our only source of escape. Calgon, take me away...

It's just plain crazy. How many times have you laid in bed at night staring at the ceiling wondering, "Is this all there is? There's got to be more to life than this. What about me?"

There is more, much more, but you have to make the decision to make it happen and I'm here to help... to help you get a little more me time.

Women are notorious for taking on the weight of the world as caretakers, nurturers and providers. There's much debate on our ever changing and expanding roles. Nonetheless, as the debate goes on women continue to charge forward as family gatekeepers and sprouting business owners making it their responsibility to ensure everyone's happiness and satisfaction well before their own. No wonder we wonder 'what about me?'

I'm no different. I work seven days a week with an average day running about 12 hours. Of course, like most women, this leaves little time for anything else especially time for myself. With one kid on the east coast living out her dream and grandchildren on the west coast it's up to me to make bi-coastal trips a few times a year if I want to see them so like most women I arrange trips that allow me to 'multi-task' and incorporate business with family visits. This way, not a single minute is wasted, which allows me to return home guilt-free and with the satisfaction of a productive and successful trip. Yes, I'm a control freak!

But, with all this 'multi-tasking' and 'juggling' going on 24/7/365 it does take its toll so I've come to realize that if I want to live to a ripe old age (which isn't all that far away) and be a healthy senior at that then I have to take measures to ensure I get there. The solution? Spa treatments! Now don't roll your eyes, and stop thinking, "yeah right, like who has the time for that?"

It's not about having the time. It's about making the time even if it's only once a month. And trust me, a spa treatment even only once a month can turn you into a new person, not only physically but mentally as well. If you've never been to a spa you owe it to yourself to check out a few in your city and treat yourself to a facial or a massage or just a few hours away in the peaceful and serene environment that most spas offer. All offer female technicians to ensure your total comfort and privacy.

If you're traveling to the west coast, more specifically, California, I highly recommend the Burke Williams Spas. They have numerous locations all over Southern California and offer a wide variety of services for both men and women. But of course, there are spas in every city in every state and in every country. Higher end hotels also have spa services as well. So if you're traveling you may want to carve out an extra few hours just for you before you return to the rat-race of reality back home. 

Try a few to find the one that suits you best. It's very much like finding the right hair salon or nail shop. You want to find one in which you're most comfortable and perhaps even on route to and from work to make it more convenient for appointments and one less reason for an excuse not to go.

Trust me on this. If the stress of life is eating away at your soul and a vacation is not in the near future then I strongly urge you to replace old additions to this new one... treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing massage or much-needed facial once a month. Surely if you try hard enough you can carve out a few hours on one day a month to get energized, revived, renewed. Not only will you love the new and improved you, so will your family, friends and co-workers. To find a spa in your city, try Googling 'spas in 'your town' or check out some of the spa reviews on RTM.


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