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June 30, 2010

How Do You Feel About Your Car?

Huggingcar Drivers everywhere depend on their vehicles to get them to and from places but the bond often travels deeper, as vehicles become not only a source of transportation but also a source of pride, affection, love and sentiment. We polled Road & Travel readers to ask them how they felt about their cars. Do they love their car? Hate it? Wish they had a new one? Use it to impress others? Use it to run over a husband? Oops, I mean use it as a bargaining chip in a divorce settlement? Ever made love in one? You'll be as surprised as we were to learn just how many ways we use our cars for more than just transportation.

We thought we'd get about 200 responses to the "Emotional Car Poll" but instead we received more than 2,200 sharing just what their vehicles mean to them. Do you have a relationship with your car? We want to know how you feel about your car so chime in. Check out what everyone had to say.

How People Feel About Their Cars

Talk to or sing to car — 14 percent

Made love in backseat — 12 percent

Feel affection for car — 11 percent

Reflects image of self — 9 percent

Apply make-up or shave — 8 percent

Hide inside for good cry — 8 percent

Long drive after fight — 8 percent

Given car pet name — 7 percent

Told were loved 1st time — 6 percent

Kicked for breakdown — 5 percent

Hate car/want new one — 4 percent

Held a meeting in car — 3 percent

Gotten engaged in car — 2 percent

Use to impress people — 2 percent

Conceived child in car — 1 percent

For the full release, go to Emotional Car Poll.
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