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May 07, 2010

Suzuki's Kizashi Hides an Impressive Sporty Sedan

by Martha Hindes

Kizashi The car with the odd-sounding name is Suzuki's compact sporty sedan with luxury leanings. Trying to say Kizashi quickly can be trying. But Suzuki was firm about keeping the heavily Japanese moniker when it gave a sneak peak of the car late last year as it aims to woo the American midsize intender buyer. With it now on the road for our latest test drive, we can understand why the initial hype. Its sportscar-leaning genes are apparent in the highly bolstered front seats (suggesting a penchant for rally driving), exaggerated chrome dual exhaust tips and smooth-as-silk six-speed manual trans that delivers a sense of performance even in four cylinder mode.

Even in cloth couturier, its interior -- laden with the latest electronics -- and amenities such as puddle lamps  suggest a taste for the finer things. You might expect a bargain from Suzuki. We estimate the average fan will fork over $19-$28K for the privilege of owning this handsome auto that gained between 21 and 24.5 miles per gallon in our test. Now, if they'll only provide a pronunciation guide.

For more info on the new Sukuki Kizashi, click here.

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