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May 18, 2010

2010 Mazda RX-8 Review by Martha Hindes

Mazda rx8 Each year, Road & Travel Magazine offers up its Annual 'Sexy Car' Buyer's Guide. Over the next two months, we'll introduce you to the hottest and sexiest sports cars and roadsters to race through the pages of RTM for 2010. Who doesn't love a sexy car? And even better, who wouldn't want to have a love affair with one?

Mazda's sporty four-seater has "live dangerously" flair.

Mazda's intense RX-8 gives new meaning to "hip huggers." Not the kind that barely cling to Britney Spears' infamous backside, but ones that tuck tightly around any tush seated inside thanks to high-rise seat bolsters. That's a talent of Mazda's sporty four-door coupe meant for those who dream of road racing while they battle rush hour.

If you doubt the high revving, 9K redline intent, check the race-style tachometer centered in the handsome dash (the speedometer is peripheral). The mighty 19-inch, pewter-toned wheels mask dirt from heavy duty braking. An aluminum-faced dead pedal promises control during white knuckle, six-speed manual rides. Visually, the front fenders have the flare of an arrowhead, with "aim, shoot, devour your opponent" cache. Its lanky, gorgeous appearance matches its ability to smoke almost anything we learned during testing. At $32K, with impressive -- but thirsty -- 1.3-iiter rotary engine power, it managed to match the attitude of a $60K competitor. A credit card keyfob and Bose sound signaled its electronic talents.

If "coupe" sounds confusing, rear seat "suicide" doors are designed to front-open to keep two-door styling intact -- and latched to keep those inside safe.

For more information on the Mazda RX8, click here

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