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March 18, 2010

Tips for Selling a Used Car

Are you ready to be out with the old and in with the new? Here are a few general tips for getting the most out of your used vehicle.

Car Be prepared. Know what you old car is worth, know how much you want to get for it, and stand firm. Before you go in, set a baseline in your mind that you're not willing to break. If the deal isn't right, go somewhere else.

Flatter your car. Give it a good scrubbing inside and out. Spend some time polishing with a good car wax and run through the inside with a vacuum. Stale French fries lodged between the seat cushions might not be a fair indicator of the car's condition - but it's quite a turnoff nonetheless.

Keep the motor clean. Consider hosing off the engine with a degreasing agent.

Perform a general maintenance check. Change the oil and make sure all other fluids are topped off. Make sure the tire pressure is at the level outlined in the owner's manual.

Change the spark plugs. Many buyers request to pull a spark plug to check for deposits of oil, and to assess the condition of the engine. And if they don't ask, pull the new sparkplugs for them.

Get all your paperwork in order. Prepare a folder containing a list of all maintenance records, the owner's manual, registration and title. The more organized you appear, the more confident a potential buyer will be that you've taken good care of the car.

Show it off. If you choose the online route, or even if you decide to pay to run a photo in a printed classified listing, photograph your meticulously cleaned car with a flattering backdrop. Shooting it in an appealing location near a coastline, some mountains or in front of some greenery will look more impressive than standing next to a dumpster.


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