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March 11, 2010

Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

Road Rage is still a major problem, and with distracted driving on the rise learning to curb anger while driving could save lives. Here are some helpful tips for staying safe on the road.

Traffic Attitude: Driving is not a competitive sport. How much is really "won" by cutting ahead of another car? Stay calm, focus on getting from one place to another safely, and try to forget about time if you're running late.

Smarts: One driver can't fight alone. Don't allow yourself to get drawn into a confrontation.

Courtesy: Err on the side of being courteous.

Turn Signal: Using your turn signal makes sure drivers around you aren't surprised by your maneuver. A Response Insurance National Driving Habits Survey revealed that 57% of drivers don't regularly use their signals.

Changing Lanes: Don't cut off other drivers and make sure you have plenty of room when you merge onto a highway.

Keep Up the Pace: Driving in the left lane slower that the prevailing traffic is asking for trouble. Regardless of the speed you are traveling, move to the right lane if someone wants to pass you.

Tailgating: Tailgating not only greatly reduces your ability to respond, it can annoy the other driver. Keeping a safe distance never annoyed anyone.
Gestures Don't make obscene gestures. Avoid any visible sign that you may be angry.
Keep Your Distance If a driver is displaying signs of aggressive driving -- get away from them.

Ease Up:If someone cuts you off, slow down and give them room. Their aggression may escalate if you respond in kind.

Get Help:If you think you are in serious danger, use a cellular phone to call the police, or drive to a police station or heavily populated area. Do not drive to your home and do not get out of the car until safe.

Apologize: If you make a mistake try to apologize with an appropriate gesture.

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