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March 11, 2010

New Car Review: 2010 Volvo XC60


By Bob Plunkett

The Volvo XC60 happens to be one of the most intelligent cars in the world. It carries some special hardware for safety and can actually out-think a driver at times and make intelligent decisions regarding the safe operation of the vehicle.

For example, a laser-based vehicle control system aboard XC60 is capable of detecting an immovable object in the path of the wagon. If this equipment determines that the driver is not going to stop the vehicle, then it will activate the brakes on its own. Volvo labels this new gear as City Safety and describes it as a driver support system designed to apply emergency braking automatically to prevent or at least lessen a low-speed collision.

DSTC monitors the vehicle's forward progress and -- if dangerous oversteer or understeer skidding is detected -- it acts automatically to correct the unstable maneuver by braking wheels or cutting the throttle.

The design of the cabin is good -- there are comfortable seats for passengers and lots of luxury goods. It can be quick and enthusiastic too, thanks to a turbo-charged in-line-six engine aboard.

Riders are shielded in the cabin by frontal air bags and side-impact air bags in front seats plus Volvo's side curtain-style air bags. And to damp the whiplash effect during a rear impact, front seatbacks instantly move rearward to pare acceleration forces on the passenger's back and neck. Volvo's price points for XC60 climb up from $37,200.

The Volvo CX60 won the 2010 International Truck of the Year Award. Click here for more information.

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