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March 29, 2010

New Car Review: 2010 Jaguar XF

2010-New-Jaguar-XF-car-wallsBy Martha Hindes

If any car has a velvet touch, it would have to be the XF. I tested Jaguar's newest darling and found it supple, compliant in every way, and a delicious balance of luxury and thrill. Every function flows, from a telescoping gearshift that "dials" the chosen gear, to overhead lights that operate by sensor, touchable 7-inch navvies and cooled seats.

But take this road hugging cat for a spin and WOW! does it deliver. Three new engines for 2010 underscore its ability to launch or carve around corners. I played with manual drive by simply changing gears; no toggles or gauges to set. While I was distracted with girl talk it quietly returned to automatic.

Inside this pristine Jag I found quality in every corner, a balance of function and clean design. Outside, its identifiably Jag profile and face blend in a sporty, roomy and liquid smooth sedan rendition. Pricing's in the $50K to high $70K range. Head turners -- including the pumped up R and upcoming Diesel S editions - never had such sophisticated allure. Who cares if it only gets 16-miles to the gallon?

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