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March 21, 2010

New Car Review: 2010 Infiniti EX35

By Bob Plunkett

503 We're poised on a parking lot in a San Diego suburb preceding some drive tests in a 2010 Infiniti EX35 crossover utility vehicle.

 EX 2010 unites a powerful V6 engine with sculptural bodywork and a spacious five-place passenger compartment filled with a carload of comfort gear as well as high-tech electronic gadgets.

 Infiniti says the EX possesses the soul of a nimble sports coupe, but then it packs the hardware of a sporty car.

 All EX models carry Infiniti's vehicle dynamic control device and traction control system which automatically check lateral skidding on slippery pavement.

 Also, there are plenty of air bags concealed in the passenger compartment. The collection includes dual-stage frontal air bags plus side-impact air bags for front seats and curtain-style air bags mounted in the roof above front and rear outboard seats.

 Hang on for a wild ride because EX35 romps -- it's quick off the stoplight line but also quick to accelerate at highway speed and, as our drive tests reveal, downright fun to drive.

 The smart equipment is able to distribute the engine's torque in amounts which vary with the pavement conditions (smooth or rough, wet or dry) and a particular driver's intensity. That torque division could be 50:50 (front/rear) to assure good tire grip on dirt or slippery snow, or a split of 0:100 (front/rear) for optimum acceleration on dry pavement from a standing start.

 The cabin for EX35, with form-fitting seats and lots of electronic gizmos, is an artful design trimming in premium leather with textured aluminum accents.

 Infiniti structures the price chart for the 2010 EX35 CUV upward from the entry MSRP of $33,800.

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