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March 16, 2010

Car Saftey Kit: What You Need Onboard - Part One

Firstaid It’s important to keep safety in mind as you head out on road trips and spring travel this year. In part one of a two part series suggest some key safety items to bring with you in your car that may save your life.

Auto Escape Tool — In case your car is submerged in water, this handy gadget has two small steel tips designed to break a window with one or two blows, and a sharp blade to slice through seatbelts. Some models are fluorescent, which makes them more visible in the dark or under murky water. Usually this tool can be clipped to your keychain, or attached to your visor.

Blanket — Use it to cover hot car seats in the summer months, or to stay warm should you get stranded in the winter.

Cell Phone Charger — Buy a cell phone charger that works in a car lighter or can be recharged with a hand crank.

Cleaning Items — You need wet wipes, tissues and plastic trash bags — good for trash or a carsick child.

Extra (Hidden) Cash — It's best to forget about this stash of cash until you absolutely need it, maybe to purchase a few gallons of gas or to pass through a toll booth.

Fire Extinguisher — A fire extinguisher is a must if you're driving an older car prone to having an overheated engine.

First-aid Kit — Get two that are well-equipped — one that can easily be reached from the front seat and one for the back seat. Each should contain antiseptic; cleanser and ointment packets; bandages; scissors; tweezers; gauze; instant cold packs; latex gloves and a first-aid guide.

Read tomorrow's blog for more important safet tips.

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