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March 09, 2010

Get Through Airport Security Quickly

Airport Avoiding a headache at airport security simply requires organization and preparation. Here are some tips for getting through security quickly.

1. Pack Smart. Your carry on should be a layer of clothes, then electronic, more clothes, and then any heavier items. This will help transportation security officers see what's in your bag. Innocent items can actually appear to be potential threats in an X-ray image, simply by the way they are packed.

2. Dress the Part. Security officers have to identify any metal that is detected at the checkpoint. If the metal detector alarms when you pass through, you will be required to undergo additional screening. This includes a hand-wand and pat-down inspection. Take out body piercings, avoid clothing with a lot of metal pieces and try to wear a pair of comfortable slip on shoes, as all travelers are now required to take off their shoes at security.

3. Be Prepared. Do you have your boarding pass and passport with you? Are they at the bottom of your bag? Keeping all your papers and documents easily accessible will help you move through security quickly.

4. Arrive on Time. Arrival time recommendations vary by airline and day of travel, so check with your carrier. Most suggest you check in two hours before boarding. Remember to give yourself adequate time to check your baggage and move through security.

5. Think Before You Speak. Belligerent behavior, inappropriate jokes and threats are treated very seriously. It’s best to keep any sarcastic or rude remarks to yourself or else you may find yourself missing your flight while being interrogated by security officials.

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