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December 21, 2009

Traveling Tips for Those Holiday Road Trips!

By Liz Kaadou

Roadtrip Whether you are seeking some sultry fun in the sun, some adventurous adrenaline pumping activities or just some regular rest and relaxation...wherever your holiday road trips take you, it is important to pro-actively prepare for your automobile adventure! Embarking on a holiday road trip can definitely bring about unfortunate and unpredictable events like vehicle malfunctions or surprising snow storms. In any event, you want to reach your desired destination as safely and soundly as possible to begin your jolly and joyful holiday jubilee! Follow these safety tips to keep your holiday travels on the right track!

1) Check the weather for interstate travel! The last obstacle you need is for a blinding blizzard to impede your driving.

2) Give your vehicle a complete check-up! Put on snow tires for any icy roads along the way, change the oil, and check the brakes, engine and starter to ensure safe travel.

3) Keep a spare tire and jumper cables in your trunk.

4) Make sure you have some form of roadside assistance like AAA in the event of an emergency and have the number programmed in your phone to be prepared.

5) Keep an ice scraper, a shovel, blankets, hand and feet warmers, flares, a flashlight, waterproof matches, and chains in your car for any unforeseen accidents.

6) Invest in an ultimate emergency survival kit for your car.

7) Make sure you keep an extra car charger for your cell phone just in case something happens to the one you have. The last thing you need is to be stranded in a snowstorm with no way to call for help.

8) Keep road maps and a compass in your car even if you are relying on a navigation system.  You never know how reliable technology is so be prepared just in case!

9) Get plenty of sleep before beginning your drive adventure.  It is extremely important to be alert and awake especially when driving in winter weather conditions.

For more auto safety advice from Road & Travel Magazine, visit our Safety & Security section.


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