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November 16, 2009

Proactively Prepare For That Dreaded Flat Tire

By Liz Kaadou

Flattire You are driving down a winding three-lane highway, hands gripped tightly to your leather-clad steering wheel, the sun is shining through your crystal clear windows, and a light breeze is wispily blowing through your hair. Sounds like the perfect way to start off your morning…until with no warning at all, you feel a sudden pop and your car seems completely off balance.  The dreaded flat tire has veered itself directly into your once tranquil driving path.  This could be cause for immediate concern and panic, especially if you are woman. But before you find yourself stranded on the side of the freeway with nothing in your trunk but a box of Kleenex and some mouth-watering mints, you may want to follow these practical steps to make sure you are always proactively prepared.


1) Make sure you always have a spare tire that is adequately filled with air.


2) Buy yourself a drill that can be plugged into your car lighter.  Make sure and also buy a tip for the drill that will fit the lug nuts on your car.  This way, you will be prepared in the event that the lug nuts are too tight for you to loosen.


3) Keep a ramp in your car so you will be able to lift the tire into the air during your tire changing extravaganza.  You can purchase a small ramp at any auto supply store.


4) Stash a pair of work gloves and and a set of disposable paper coveralls in your trunk.


5) Keep a small jack and tire iron in your trunk.


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