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September 14, 2009

The All-New 2009 Audi Q5 – Full of Surprises

By Courtney Caldwell

Belonging to the small SUV segment, which is forecasted to grow dramatically over the next few years, the all-new 2009 Audi Q5 luxury crossover is full of surprises. First off, it stands as best in its class with EPA fuel economy ratings of 18 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. Not bad for a small SUV with the longest wheel base in its segment. That said, it means more interior room for family and friends, and best in its class towing capacity, a whopping 4400 pounds. It also means depending on less fuel more often giving its owner the best of both worlds in comfort, class and eco-consciousness.


The clamshell-shaped Q5 was full of surprises on the inside too. Its interior is super comfortable and luxurious as well it should be with a price tag for our ‘premium package’ test model of $48,275. The bare bones version is a mere $37,200 but either way you’re getting top shelf in the world of cars. Audi is about as cool as they come.

 To my delight, the Audi Q5 was loaded with safety features too, something we at Road & Travel Magazine consider top priority in all vehicles especially for women on the road alone. My personal favorite in the Q5 is the voice-based destination input control where all you need to say is ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I need gas’ or ‘I need coffee’ and the navigation will point to the closest option in the area. There’s no stopping to ask strangers or fears about getting lost in unfamiliar territory. There’s even an electronic dipstick, which allows drivers to check their oil from the inside of the vehicle instead of under the hood. This is not only safer but cleaner as well.

These are just a couple of finer features that stood out amongst dozens, but Q5 is equipped with too many to mention in a blog. So, the next best thing is to click on Audi Q5, where you too will be delightfully surprised at how Audi has strengthened its presence in the crossover segment with style, safety, and sophistication.

  To see more of Audi's 2009 line-up, view RTM's Audi Buyer's Guide.

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