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September 29, 2009

Oh, the Wonders of Travel: Coming Back Home

By Sara Hoffman

Jackson Hole 168

As someone who's been traveling back and forth, this way and that way her whole life, I've always experienced a twinge of homesickness upon arrival home from a vacation or even a little trip. Yep, homesick for vacation - talk about confused. But coming home is a wonder of travel, too - right up there with experiencing other cultures, meeting new people, and having fresh experiences. Home looks different from elsewhere - from a plane, a boat, or even the expressway.

Travel makes you see things differently, including the way you see life at home. Gazing out the window of an airplane literally offers a fresh view of your hometown - all the roads you drive and places you visit are dwarfed in landscapes not noticeable from the ground. Sure, it could make home seem dreary or stressful in comparison to some sunny island resort, or hilly mountain region, but it also makes you appreciate those everyday comforts - luxurious or not - and the people you get to come home to.

Travel time, whether driving or riding along, has always been a time - and is now one of the only times - for me to think and reflect on life. That reflective thought combined with the new experiences of travel and reminiscent experience of coming home can be, well, kinda magical.

And if there's no room for a vacation this month, try Google maps.

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