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September 02, 2009

Auto Shops Aimed at Women

Elle auto Do you ever wish you could be getting more done while you wait for your car to be fixed? Sick of the lame magazines your male-oriented auto shop provides? Women have to get their cars fixed, too! Well, they may be needles in the haystack, but there are a few female-oriented auto shops out there.

Elle Auto even offers spa packages for you and your car - so you can get manicured while your car gets oiled up and detailed. They also provide "heart and soul" service catered to women, wi-fi, a kids play area, and shuttle service if you need to get back and forth for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Auto Clinic of the Rockies caters to women as well, and does it with entrepreneurial success. Owner Alicia Jones did a study, revealing that most auto facilities retain 10 percent of their business and 90 percent goes elsewhere. "Our shop retains about 90 percent of our business," said Alicia.

Why can't a garage be run the way a salon is run? There is no reason why the atmosphere can't be clean and stylish, why the waiting room can't have amenities like Wifi and coffee and magazines, why appointments, follow-ups, promotions and educational events cannot be standard practice.

For more auto advice geared towards women, visit

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