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August 03, 2009

Travel While Pregnant? Yes, You Can!

Pregnant travel Afraid your pregnancy is going to hold back your travel plans? Don't worry, we wouldn't let that happen! While only your doctor can give you the official green light, there are many ways to make travel more pregnancy-friendly. Travel concerns when pregnant fall into just three categories: where, when, and how.

Where? Travel abroad has more restrictions for pregnant women. The food and drinking water could be unsafe, which could lead to infections like listeria, salmonella, or toxoplasmosis, which are rare but can cause miscarriages. Also, doctors may be more difficult to find, so make sure to have a copy of your medical records to ease the process of any consultations you may need while abroad.

When? The best time to travel is between the 14th and 28th week of gestation. This period is less crucial for the baby's development and there are less pregnancy symptoms.

How? If you're travelling by plane, pick the biggest one you can - the cabins are better pressurized. Choose an aisle seat so you can easily get up to use the bathroom and take short walks to promote ciculation to your legs. Upgrade to first class if possible, to have more room. Also, airline companies may have restrictions for pregnant women - call ahead and ask what documentation (such as your due date) you need to provide. When travelling by car, stop at least every two hours to stand up and walk, never wear your seatbelt over top of your abdomen, and never drive alone for long distances. Move your seat as far away from the airbag as possible.

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