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August 21, 2009

Americans Still Love Big & Luxurious Cars the Most

Lexus rx According to the 2009 Motorist Choice Awards, the best-scored cars by consumers for value and owner satisfaction are bigger, more luxurious cars. Cars like these, despite the economy and fuel consumption rates, make people feel proud of what they're driving, which is the leading reason people buy new cars today. The 2009 Motorist Choice Awards, co-developed by AutoPacific and, recognize new cars and trucks that give their owners both economic and emotional satisfaction, helping new-car buyers find vehicles that best satisfy all of their personal-transportation needs.

The top 34 cars were large cars, luxury cars, sport utility vehicles, crossover SUVs or minivans, with the Lexus LS taking 1st place overall, and the Chevrolet Tahoe taking the gold for the best SUV. "This affinity for big vehicles makes the American market unique compared to the rest of the world," said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, which is known for it's owner satisfaction ratings. Only two small cars even made rank in the top 107 cars.

Leading manufacturers were Toyota and GM, though most manufacturers took at least one award. “Every car winning a Motorist Choice Award is a defendable purchase, and their owners will be pleased, both financially and behind the wheel," said James Bell, publisher and editor of, which determined value ratings for winning vehicles.

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