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July 03, 2009

Make Your Vacation Even Better: Live Like the Locals

Follow this travel rule to help you enjoy the most fulfilling summer vacation experience possible, for less money:


The Rule of the Locals

The key to finding the absolute best local dining or recreation is simple: look for a line of locals. The places that the locals hang out are bound to be the best, and you can chat them up for more recommendations. Linger in the places that don't contain another tourist - think of how much more interesting "Baby" from Dirty Dancing's family vacation became when she got involved with the workers who lived there. Strive for your own Havana Nights! If you want to be included and immersed in the area you're visiting, do as the locals do: take public transportation or walk from place to place. Avoid anything American-style when it comes to booking your stay - shoot for a hostel or campground where you'll meet lots of diverse people. Try CouchSurfing or HomeExchange if you're feeling adventurous. 

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