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July 22, 2009

Group Getaway Planning Advice for Friends

What to share:


  • Money - by starting with a money pool for shared expenses like taxis and activities, you'll save any money-related tension about figuring everyone's share. Just contribute an equal amount each, take money from the pile every time you pay for something everyone's taking part in, and split the remainder at the end of the trip. Put the money on a debit or giftcard to make things even easier.

  • An everyday meeting spot, especially if phones aren't in service.

  • Interests & Planning - Though the most fun is often spontaneously stumbled into, it's good to get an idea of what everyone wants out of the vacation beforehand

What not to share:

  • The luggage load - Each of you don't need to bring a hairdryer, straightener, and toothpaste, especially if you're all booked in the same room!

  • Phoho Picture-taking duties - Everyone should bring their own camera, so the group can later share their experiences with each other. Seeing the trip through each other's perspectives will make the vacation more meaningful to everyone.

  • Room-space - Though it may be tempting to not even bother unpacking, interspersing clothes and toiletries together as you get ready each morning - resist the urge. It will just cause re-packing mayhem. 

Find vacation planning ideas in RTM's What Women Want Section.

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