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July 21, 2009

The Best Used Luxury Cars to Buy Now

Infiniti m It's fairly easy to get half-off the price of a luxury vehicle - just drop a few numbers off the model year and start your search again. Because any car’s value depreciates the second it is driven off the lot, consumers can buy valuable used luxury cars (or CPO's) at, well, the price of an average new car.

BMW: The 2007 328i  or 2004 M3 - A few years can’t put a damper on the ’07 328i sports sedan’s finely-tuned, Euro-style luxury.  The ‘04 M3 coupe, with its high-performance power and acceleration, retains its driving machine durability 5 years after it's release.

Lexus: Just about any model - Lexus, which ranked highest in vehicle dependability by J.D. Power and Associates for 14 consecutive years, has a slew of older models worth the buy today - even the '07 hybrid (the GS450h) gets high ranks by today's standards.

Inifiniti: The 2007 FX35 or 2007 M - A sportier version of the popular crossover, the FX35 strikes an appealing balance of spaciousness, luxe amenities and handling. The M, though sporty and luxurious, retains practicality and has an impressive array of usable tech features.

Acura: The 2007 MDX or 2004 TSX - The '07 MDX deluxe crossover built on a proper (not adapted) platform, with safety & navigation features that cover all bases. The '04 TSX is a fun ride, with styling that still looks modern.

Porsche: The 911, any year - Even the '98 911, which can almost be considered vintage, still packs a lot of punch and holds the "dream car" appellation, without the dream car price tag.

For tips on buying a used car, visit RTM's Used Car Buying Guide.


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