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June 02, 2009

Plan a Cheap & Worry-Free Vacation This Summer

If you’re looking to take a cheap summer trip, your vacation may fall into one of two categories. Those traveling alone or with friends may appreciate the free-spirited adventure feeling offered by renting a hostel, but families are likely to enjoy creative quality time spent with each other outside.

Camping Taking a camping road trip

close to home is the way an increasing number of families (or groups of friends) stretch their budgets and maximize just a few vacation days.  

The RV Industry Association says that a family of four can save up to 65 percent on a camping road trip, compared to other vacations, such as taking a cruise or traveling by plane. By taking one or several weekend trips, families can save money yet have an authentic camping experience. Not only is driving more economical, it allows for some spontaneity- there’s nothing like the bathroom break that turns into a hike to a nearby waterfall, or a random stop at a local ice cream shop where a new favorite flavor is discovered. Being flexible and open-minded is the way to keep things fun for the kids.

Staying in a hostel is another idea that appeals to the young, the budget-minded and the fiercely independent among us. The best hostels are cheap, centrally located in bustling cities, and offer similar amenities as a full-service hotel. You can choose from international hostels and book the perfect one with no booking fee using


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