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June 25, 2009

How to Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Vacation

If you're like me (busy and broke), vacation time and money are both limited. So don't waste either at second-rate restaurants, hotels, or attractions on this summer's vacation. We'll highlight one simple rule a week to make sure you get all you can from a shorter, more inexpensive vacation. 

Vacaaataii The Rule of Spontaneity: Allowing yourself to be a little spontaneous while travelling may actually save you money. Think about it: By booking reservations for every night of your stay in advance, you are guaranteed to spend that much money before you even arrive! In general, booking from overseas is more costly, and the charming local lodging you'll find once you get there is usually more affordable. When it comes to using guidebooks, keep in mind that when something is recommended by a guidebook, it becomes more touristy - and you don't want an itinerary that's just one tourist destination after another.

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