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June 18, 2009

Driving InTEXTicated: A Deadly Distraction

Coupkle inexticatedd With cell phones becoming more popular on the road, driving tragedies involving teenagers text messaging while behind the wheel have increased in frequency. This alarming trend has now made parents and drivers more aware of the dangers of text messaging and other cell phone distractions on the road.


Driving Distractions to Avoid:

  • Do not drive while calling or texting.
  • Use speed dialing or voice-activated dialing if you have to make a call while driving.
  • Let your voicemail take the call. You can call back later when you are not driving.
  • Know when to stop talking. If the conversation is long, emotional or stressful continue it when you are not driving.
  • Do not take notes while driving.
  • Do not eat or drink while driving.
  • Groom yourself at home, not in the vehicle.

If worse comes to worse and you must have a phone convseration while driving, by all means make or take a phone call over intercepting and responding to texts - both are unsafe, but at least while talking, your eyes can stay on the road.

As politics have proved, phone company records of text messages are irrefutable and accurate to the second; so it would be an easy matter to prove in court that a person was texting at the time of an accident. As with drunken driving, a jail sentence (no matter the driver's age) will be mandatory whenever anyone is injured by an InTEXTicated driver. These aren't the only repercussions for inTEXTicated driving...distracted drivers are dangerous to themselves and to others. Some say texting and driving is proving to be as dangerous and deadly as drinking and driving.


This email went around recently, mostly from parents to teens, warning in graphic detail what can really happen when drivers aren't aware of their surroundings. In almost all situations, responding to a text can wait.


Read more from RTM about Driving Distractions.


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