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June 10, 2009

Discover More of the World: Explore Asia

We all want to try it - a travel adventure that's genuinely a cultural immersion in a foreign country. To have experiences completely different than we've ever had, to see sights beyond what we could ever imagine, and to connect with people from entirely different backgrounds, why not get lost in Asia? provides all the inspiration you could possibly need to book your flight to the Thailand, Singapore, The Phillipines, Macau, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, or China. It's such a note-worthy resource, we had to highlight it despite the economic downturn - an excursion to an Asian beach or metropolis is more affordable and easier to plan when you have a tool this convenient. The packages, which include land and air, are an incredible, truly all-inclusive deal.  


The site provides a myriad of important information about each of the 8 regions it covers, but I think it's worth a visit just for the mesmerizing photos.  

For more travel ideas, check out RTM's Travel Channel.


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