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May 04, 2009

Top Commuter Car Features

Commuting Tips The average commuter spends the equivalent of nearly nine full days every year commuting to and from work, according to reports from the U.S. Census Bureau. Here are a few key features that need to be on the top of any commuters list when looking to purchase a new vehicle.

  • Comfortable Seats — Among the features to look for are lumbar support, power controls, adjustable seat height, heated seats and, for those with long legs, seats that scoot far enough back.
  • Automatic Transmission — Stop-and-go traffic can be particularly trying for those with a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions can make the drive home smoother and allow drivers to keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Steering wheel-mounted stereo controls — Sometimes the only way to make it through a long drive is to have good music. Steering wheel-mounted controls allow volume and station adjustments without drivers having to take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.
  • Well-designed cup holders and ample storage — Drivers need a place to keep their morning coffee safe and within sipping distance, as well as a place to store their parking cards, toll money, breakfast, ect.

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