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May 14, 2009

Tips to Stay Fit on the Road

Travel Exercise Don't despair if cross-continent business trips and out-of-state family gatherings are putting a dent in your exercise program. A little planning can help you get back into the groove. Here are a few helpful tips to stay fit on the road.

·  Variety is the spice of life, so use your travel as a chance to try something new. Look for new fitness classes at local gyms, try a new cardio machine, or consider taking your bathing suit if you're staying at a hotel that has an indoor pool.

·  See if your hotel offers a morning or evening running/jogging group- many properties are now implementing such programs - which will keep you fit and also show you a bit of the area from a new perspective.

·  If the only equipment that you can find is the standard treadmill or stationary bike, create an interval training program for yourself by alternating several minutes of high intensity with several minutes of recovery time. You'll burn more calories and each interval gives you a goal on which to focus so that you don't get bored-or at least not as quickly.

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