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May 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning your Car for Optimum Gas Mileage

S7300771 Looking for a fresh start this spring on keeping your car clean? What if you could increase your gas mileage at the same time? Accumulated junk or unnecessary items leftover from the winter may seem to have found a home in the back seat, but it's time for spring cleaning! Every extra 100 pounds of stuff in your car can decrease it's gas mileage by 2 percent, according to Because heavier vehicles require more energy to move, any extra weight- from roof racks to sports equipment to car seats- will reduce your car's fuel economy. Carrying a light load on the road is just another good driving habit for eco-conscious drivers, not to mention it's much safer- an overloaded vehicle can be harder to control, and an excessive items can prove dangerous in a swerve or auto accident.

Click here for more tips on increasing gas mileage.

More information on general car care maintenance is available in Road & Travel Magazine.


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