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May 22, 2009

Skip These States to Avoid Exploitation by Traffic Laws

27353884 Certain states’ traffic laws are geared more towards earning revenue than protecting drivers. With the first major driving holiday of the summer season approaching, the National Motorists Association - a national driver’s rights group - has analyzed the laws across the country to determine the best and the worst states when it comes to exploiting the motoring public.

Jim Baxter, President of the National Motorists Association, said, "it is not exactly a well kept secret that many traffic laws, enforcement practices, and traffic courts are more about generating revenue and political posturing, than they are about traffic safety. During holidays, like the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we're bombarded with horrendous fines, ‘click it or ticket’, and messages about intensified enforcement when in fact most vacation-related traffic accidents are caused by inattention, distraction and fatigue (causes which don’t generate much in the way of government revenue).”

These state rankings were calculated using seventeen criteria related to specific traffic laws, enforcement practices, and the treatment of traffic ticket defendants. The rankings are designed to provide guidance to travelers who do not want their vacation ruined by speed traps, arcane laws or "kangaroo" traffic courts.

The state most likely to find its way into your wallet is New Jersey. With its toll roads, roadblocks, and speed traps, it has hardly left a stone unturned when it comes to extracting cash from motorists.

Here are the worst ten states:

1) New Jersey
2) Ohio
3) Maryland
4) Louisiana
5) New York
6) Illinois
7) Delaware
8) Virginia
9) Washington
10) Massachusetts

On the opposite end of the spectrum, states that treated motorists most fairly are Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Kentucky.

(Source: National Motorists Association)

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