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May 08, 2009

Insider Tips for Booking Your Next Cruise

Carnival_Triumph_Cruise_Ship From big ships to little, pricey to over-the-top posh, here is the ultimate, inside ship seeker advice to help you choose the best stateroom to fit your needs.

  1. Each cruise line has its own theme, charm and character. Find one that most closely matches your personality.
  2. When choosing a cruise line, be sure to consider the on-board ambiance of the vessel. What type of guest does the cruise line cater to? Primarily families? The mature traveler? An eclectic international clientele? There’s something for everyone. Some cruise lines’ on-board activities are simpler because their guests require less entertainment, or they focus on destinations. Others add roller rinks, rock-climbing walls, and wave pools to appeal to a broader clientele or to entertain guests during several days at sea.
  3. The size of the vessel often determines the itinerary. If you want to visit unique, hard-to-visit ports of call, look for one of the small-ship cruise lines. Larger ships won’t be able to dock – let alone get to – those out-of-the-way places.
  4. The longer the cruise, the fewer children there are on board and the more exotic the itinerary (typically.) The cruising trend is toward the longer “grand voyage” of two, three, even four months.
  5. There is a cruise for every budget. Many say that it’s worth the extra money to book an ocean-view cabin at minimum. Highly recommended, however, is a private veranda or suite for additional space and amenities, which translates to increased comfort.

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