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May 06, 2009

How to Handle Being Followed

Being followed There are infinite possibilities to create a scenario for one of the more frightening experiences that could happen to any one of us at sometime in our lives — a car stalker!

Statistics show that women are usually followed by someone they met or know. Perhaps they met you at a bar, grocery store or restaurant. Perhaps they're an "ex". You look into your rearview mirror and realize that the car that was behind you while you were exiting the parking lot is still behind you five miles later. Panic sets in. You grab your steering wheel with both hands and bury your foot into the throttle to get away. This is a natural reaction called the "fight or flight" instinct. Fighting doesn't seem to be an option when locked in your car, so the flight response kicks in full force.

However, this is the worst instinct you can have.

Read more on what do to when being followed on RTM.


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