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April 29, 2009

Are You Ready for the Road?

Road_trip_prep_2Even with the price of gas, people are always on the road. Whether you are driving across the state, across the country or just commuting to work, preparing your car for the trip is important.

Prepare the Car
Make sure your car is properly maintained before heading on the road. You should also consider your destination when preparing your car. Difference terrains, such as the beach, the mountains, the desert and urban areas, put different stresses on a vehicle. To learn more about preparing for different environments, check out RTM's Road Trip Preparation article to learn more about each terrain's requirements.

Prepare for the Worst
Vacations are meant for relaxing, but unexpected problems can turn a fun weekend into a nightmare. This is why it is important to be prepared for the worst. Automobile accidents are stressful at home, but they can really create problems during a trip. To learn what to do when an accident happens away from home read RTM's Vacation Collision Preparation article.

Prepare Your Plan
The romance of hitting the open road and driving where the wind blows is quite enticing, but a road trip with a plan will usually encounter fewer headaches and more fun. Planning areas to sleep, sightsee, get gas, eat and take a driving break keep the stress of traveling to a minimum so you can enjoy that open road. Read more about getting Ready for the Road.


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