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April 15, 2009

Budget Travel Tips for Business Travelers

Country Inn and Suites With corporate budgets as tight as they can get, business trips now lack any time to rest and relax. Many hotels are recognizing this trend and like the Country Inns & Suites offer business travelers great packages and tips on way to save money.

The Country Inn business travel tips for travelers crunched on time and money.

1. Never check luggage. If you have a lot, ship it ahead of time.

2. Pack lightly, if you run out of clothes you can always purchase something.

3. Pack toiletries in an easiy accessible pocket or bag to speed up airport security.

4. A DC/AC converter can come in handy when you have several devices to charge.

5. Always check firewall settings when using public Internet access.

6. Use a padded backpack to carry personal items such as iPod or laptops. Keep this bag with you at all times.

(Source: Country Inn & Suites)


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