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February 10, 2009

A Community Solution to Childhood Obesity

GenerationXLcover Obesity has become a major life-threatening issue, especially in America, and sadly enough, especially in children. And little do people realize this has an everlasting effect on the quality and longevity of children’s lives, as well as the adverse economic costs to our nation.

Many families, due to their busy lifestyles, have adopted to less than healthy food options and are eating out more than ever. Not only is this affecting their weight, but they are not teaching their children the basics when it comes to nutritional values. It's time for families to educate themselves, in order to ensure their children are leading healthy lifestyles.

Paul R. Ehrmann, D.O., a Royal Oak, Mich., family practice physician offers a new approach to curbing childhood obesity in his book GENERATION XL: The Childhood Obesity Pandemic – a Community-Based Solution.

"The worldwide childhood obesity pandemic threatens the quality and longevity of our children’s lives. As the debilitating physical and emotional results of childhood obesity continue to sharply increase, concerned parents are searching for effective methods of preventing this suffering in their children," Dr. Ehrmann said.

Read more about the solution to childhood obesity on RTM.


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