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January 20, 2009

Warning Signs of Pothole Damage

Pot-hole-damage We’ve all done it, especially in the winter months when roads are at their worst, and that is hitting a pothole. And little do we know that hole in the road can cause some serious damage to your car. So next time you clench the wheel and pray for the best when hitting one of these craters, check for these warnings to see if any serious damage has been caused.

Check your vehicle for these warning signs of pothole damage:

  • The vehicle rolls or sways on turns
  • The vehicle’s front-end dives when braking
  • The vehicle’s rear end squats when accelerating
  • The vehicle bounces or slides on a winding, rough road
  • The vehicle “bottoms out” or thumps on bumps

Learn more about the warning signs of pothole damage.


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