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January 22, 2009

Saftey Tips for the Road

Driver-Safety Safety and peace of mind extends far beyond the suggestion to "park your car under a street light when it's dark at night." Below are a few common sense tips on how to stay safe, and assertive on the road:

1. Don't be a "damsel in distress."
Educate yourself. The following might sound elementary, but the best way to stay oriented, safe and focused while driving is to "know" your vehicle. Know how to open your trunk or the hood of your car, check which side your gas tank is on before driving, and learn how to jump-start your car and where the spare tire is located in the vehicle.

2. Be prepared.
Always pack a blanket, bottled water and snacks (dried fruit, nuts, crackers, etc.) when taking a trip. Perfect for emergencies or if you're stuck in traffic.

3. Know where you're going.
Have a sense of how to get to your destination before leaving. Always have a map or if you a navigation system in your car.

4. Beat the heat.
Always carry a baseball cap/hat and sunscreen with you, in case you get caught on the side of the road in the blistering sun. Same goes for extra clothing and blankets for cold weather.

Click here for a full list of saftey tips for the road.


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